Prevent the Spread of Airborne Contaminants

Captures particles at the source

Our innovative family of products enable users to limit the transmission of respiratory particles including while administering respiratory treatments and procedures in a portable negative pressure environment.

SafER treatment and transport

You can turn any setting into a negative pressure environment to reduce airborne particles.

Product Kits

The plug and play SafER Portable Negative Pressure System™ is a customizable system useable in many environments.

Our system is flexible and inexpensive yet delivers tremendous value to organizations by preventing exhaled particles from entering the environment while allowing for treatments and procedures as well as user mobility.

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Portable Vacuum

The portable and quiet SafER Medical portable vacuum is an easy -to- use product, small enough to fit any workspace. This ruggedized soft bag solution is equipped with an AC/DC battery for stationary ‘plugged-in’ use or during travel. An in-line HEPA filter is included with each of our single-user shields.


  • Dimensions: 7.26″ X 7.19″ X 10.79″
  • Weight: 6 lbs
  • Vacuum: 260 LPM
  • Noise Level: <60db


  • AC/DC Portable Vacuum
  • Charger
  • Carry Strap

Respiratory Shield Kit

The SafER Respiratory Shield provides negative pressure protection for healthcare workers. The Respiratory Shield is designed to fit with most right angle and straight valve Positive Airway Circuits.

Compatible with:

  • Nebulizers
  • CPAP / BPAP Circuits
  • Noninvasive Positive Pressure Ventilation systems
  • High Flow Oxygen Nasal Canula or Masks
  • Bag Valve Masks
  • Endoscopy Equipment and Supplies
  • Oral/Nasal Specimen Collection Equipment and Supplies

Kit Contents:

  • Respiratory Shield
  • Nebulizer
  • B-clip (for Bilevel Administration/CPAP)
  • N-clip (for Nebulizer)
  • Head Strap
  • 22mm 8’ Vacuum Hose
  • Air Filter

Endoshield Kit

The SafER Endoshield provides negative pressure protection for healthcare workers. The Endoshield is designed to be used with most manual and video laryngoscopes.

Compatible with:

  • Video Laryngoscopes
  • Direct Laryngoscopes
  • Endoscopes
  • Bronchoscopes
  • Bag Valve Masks
  • Tracheostomy Care Equipment

Kit Contents:

  • Endoshield
  • Head Strap
  • Adhesive Foam Pads
  • 8’ 22mm Hose
  • HEPA Filter

Reduce Airborne Particles

Simulation – No Suction

Simulation – 240ml Suction


CFD Study Executive Summary

A computational fluid dynamics (CFD) study was performed to characterize the performance of a new respiratory shield. The study was intended to assess the ability of the respiratory shield in removing micron-sized water droplets. The suction, located at the base of the respiratory shield, creates an inwards flow of air towards the user which removes over 93% of 0.5 micron sized particles exhaled. The remaining particles are suspended within the shield or re-inhaled by the user. The study also showed that when the user is given inhaled medications the intended level of medication is still delivered to the user from the nebulizer and ventilation system with this innovative air containment system.

CFD Exhaled Particle Digital Simulation

CFD Exhaled Particle Physical Simulation

Summary and Observations

May see an average of 99% effectiveness in removing exhaled particles from the work environment.

  • Captures 93% of particles exhaled by user(240 L/min)
  • Enables re-inhalation of particles not yet removed from air (6%)
  • 1% of exhaled particles remain in flow domain (after re-inhalation)

Suction system does not reduce the number of nebulizer particles delivered to users receiving inhaled medications.

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Tom Denevan
VP of Business Operations

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