SafER Medical, ROBRADY Capture IDA Award for Portable Negative Pressure System

Branson, MO and Sarasota, FL, January 27, 2022—Branson-based SafER Medical Products, LLC and Sarasota-based ROBRADY design won a Silver International Design Award in the Industrial and Life Science Designs/Safety Designs category for their Portable Negative Pressure System.

The Portable Negative Pressure (PNP) System generates a negative pressure environment that captures airborne particles at the source, limiting the transmission of respiratory contaminants during the administration of respiratory treatments and procedures.

Unlike traditional negative pressure rooms or isolation units, the PNP system can be used wherever and whenever needed in emergency and non-emergency situations. The lightweight, quiet-running system consists of HEPA filter-equipped face shields and a cordless suction unit that works in conjunction with existing respiratory equipment including nebulizers, high flow oxygen masks, CPAP/BPAP circuits, and laryngoscopes.

“The IDA Silver award is an honor,” responded ROBRADY design CEO and Design Director, Rob Brady. “It’s recognition that the ability to create a negative pressure environment in an ambulance, in a hospital room, or even in a user’s home represents a new safety standard for frontline users and those they treat.”

About SafER Medical Products, LLC

SafER Medical Products, LLC emerged from a team of frontline ER physicians committed to supporting healthcare providers worldwide with protective equipment. Responding to growing demands, SafER Medical Products spearheaded the development of the Respiratory Shield and Endoshield, Portable Negative Pressure System. These cost-effective and innovative medical product solutions bring a portable negative pressure environment to provide patients and healthcare workers with an innovative defense against airborne contaminants.


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About IDA

Created in 2007 in response to a lack of recognition and to celebrate smart and sustainable multidisciplinary designs, The International Design Awards (IDA) recognizes, celebrates, and promotes exceptional design visionaries and discovers emerging talent in Architecture, Interior, Product, Graphic, and Fashion design worldwide.

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