Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the system cost?2022-04-04T13:01:54+00:00

Prices vary by region and sales channel. Contact tdenevan@safermedicalproducts.com.

Who uses the system and what do they say about it?2022-03-31T20:58:38+00:00

The system is currently used in multiple facilities and EMS agencies and some use it exclusively as part of their respiratory protocol. Across the country, the system is being used on a trial basis and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Healthcare professionals’ comment that the system works extremely well and provides an unmatched level of safety for their employees.

Does SafER offer training on the system?2022-03-31T20:59:36+00:00

Absolutely. Our team of four emergency physicians, one emergency nurse practitioner, and four full-time sales personnel are happy to provide complete training wherever and whenever needed.

Do you have use protocols we can read?2022-03-31T21:00:50+00:00

Use protocols for the system are included with the products and can also be found online at https://safermedicalproducts.com/documentation/.

What studies have been done on the system?2022-03-31T21:01:42+00:00

A computation fluid dynamics (CFD) study has found that the system captures approximately 93% of contaminants, while 6% is re-inhaled by patients, and 1% remains trapped in the system circuitry. The findings of a third-party particle count study soon to be published corroborate these results.

Does the system’s vacuum compromise dosage delivery?2022-03-31T21:08:17+00:00

In fact, CFD findings indicate a 40% increase in delivery of nebulized medicines with our system. This is due to the air drawn in through the shields that increases the dosage concentration.

Does this system replace our current ventilation system?2022-04-01T14:16:40+00:00

The Safer system does not replace ventilation or respiratory equipment. However the SafER system is an alternative for traditional negative pressure rooms, providing source control wherever and whenever needed.

Will the system work with existing equipment?2022-04-06T18:28:22+00:00

The SafER system was designed to work with the majority of respiratory equipment currently in use such as nebulizers, high flow nasal cannula, CPAP/BPAP circuits, and laryngoscopes.

Is the system reusable?2022-04-01T14:17:50+00:00

The vacuum is reusable and can be wiped down with germicidal wipes between patients (according to facility protocols). However, while the shields can be reused with a single patient, they are not designed for use among multiple patients.

Does the system require sterilization?2022-04-01T14:18:13+00:00

The system doesn’t require sterilization and can be cleaned with the germicidal agents and protocols currently in use at a facility. For more aggressive cleaning, the system can be prepped with a mild detergent on a damp cloth.

How is the system maintained?2022-04-01T14:18:39+00:00

The face shields can be cleaned with germicidal wipes after each use but do not require sterilization. The vacuum unit can be wiped down with germicidal wipes or a mild detergent on a damp cloth and should receive an annual biomed check.

How does air flow through the system?2022-04-01T14:19:03+00:00

The system draws air into the shields and through the HEPA or ULPA filters located on top of the vacuum. The filtered air is then expelled out the vacuum’s side exhaust ports.

Does the vacuum have an internal filter?2022-04-01T14:19:23+00:00

No. The vacuum uses a top mounted HEPA or ULPA filter that is provided in each shield kit.

What is the life of the filter?2022-04-01T14:19:42+00:00

The filter lasts for 24 hours of continuous use.

What is the battery’s charge time and life?2022-04-01T14:19:59+00:00

The system’s battery takes 1.5 hours to reach full charge. When plugged in, the battery charges during operation. A fully charged battery lasts 1 to 1.5 hours.

Does the system bother claustrophobic patients?2022-04-01T14:20:23+00:00

Since the system’s Respiratory shield and Endoshields are clear and are not in direct contact with a patient’s face, those who are not bothered by nebulizers, high flow oxygen masks or CPAP/BPAP circuits, are unlikely to be bothered by the SafER Negative Pressure System.

How much does the system weigh?2022-04-01T14:20:45+00:00

The vacuum weighs 6 pounds; The Respiratory shield and Endoshields each weigh less than a pound.

What type of battery does the system use?2022-04-01T14:21:05+00:00

The system runs on lithium-ion batteries.

Are comparable systems available?2022-04-01T14:21:24+00:00

There are no comparable systems available on the market in terms of efficacy, portability, cost, or convenience.

Where can the SafER system be used?2022-04-01T14:21:44+00:00

The real question is where can’t it be used. The system is designed for application in hospitals, clinics, homes, ambulances, planes, ships, etc. and we’re also discovering new scenarios where the system works.

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